About SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy was founded in 2012 as a mobile speech-language therapy practice in Los Angeles, California. We started with the mission to provide easy access to high-quality speech-language services, as many people had difficulty accessing services through the school district or insurance. We began by offering in-home speech-language services to individuals of all ages throughout the Los Angeles area. However, SpeakEasy began to recognize that people living in rural locations were unable to access services due to little or no speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in their area. SpeakEasy wanted to pioneer solutions so that all people with internet access had the opportunity to better their communication skills. Telehealth has been utilized by the medical field for decades to provide individuals in underserviced or rural areas access to healthcare that was otherwise out of their reach. In 2019, SpeakEasy began training, practicing, and studying best practices in telehealth so that we could provide our clients first class speech-language teletherapy services. We discovered that technology has allowed us to provide the same quality assessment and treatment services throughout California and distance is no longer a challenge. In 2020, SpeakEasy transitioned to focus providing services 100% online. When the COVID-19 pandamic began, many people throughout the country started having difficulty accessing face-to-face speech-language services. Addressing communication needs with consistent therapy is critical, as any gaps in service can result in lack of progress, or regression. SpeakEasy is prepared to bridge that gap, offering easy access to high-quality speech-language services to help our clients achieve a better quality of life.